Young woman holding a coffee standing with her friend in Unionville

Why do you love your community?

The people of Unionville share what makes their community so great 

Unionville stands apart as a tranquil Shangri-La within the urban bustle of Markham. Its quaint, small-town vibe made it the perfect stand-in for Stars Hollow in the pilot episode of the hit mother-daughter drama Gilmore Girls. And, as we heard from the people who live, work and visit, it’s that charm that keeps people coming back to Main Street.

Older man in flannel and red shirt standing in unionville

“It’s a nice little town and it’s very historic for this part of the world—I love being able to walk through that history.” – Colin

Young woman in sunglases holding large yellow Labrador dog

“I can access everything I need right here on Main Street, which makes it very convenient. I love Main Street—I come here every day to walk, especially on summer nights.” – Sandy

Young man in beige coat and maroon shirt

“I work here and I find that the community is quiet and peaceful, especially walking up Main Street. There are always activities going on here in the summer.” – Piritheep

Man in glasses and red plaid beside woman in black hoodie

“I like the people here. It’s a smaller community, but everyone is so kind, and it seems like everyone knows each other. It’s always nice that people smile, wave, and you just feel good when you’re here.” – Lindsay

“I’m just here for the ice cream.” – Daniel

Man with striped tie and dress shirt in Unionville

“Unionville is a unique, heritage location, so we have a lot of tourists visiting and a lot of different cultures represented, with events every month. And it’s very pretty at night with the street all lit up.” – Steven

Woman wearing green striped shirt in Unionville

“Unionville still has a bit of a small-town feel. There are lots of great restaurants and lots of nice walkways and paths.” – Debbie

Young woman holding a coffee standing with her friend in Unionville

“The stores and patios. The concerts on Main Street. It’s a nice place to walk during the week.”  Jenella

“It’s a nice place to be outside in Markham. There are trails that go into the green space on either side of Main Street. In the summer, this place is bustling.” – Brae

We love our communities—and we know you do, too. That’s why we started hitting the streets of the GTA to get the inside scoop on what the locals enjoy most about where they live. We’ll be visiting lots of neighbourhoods in this region—if you see us out and about in the coming months, don’t hesitate to say “hi!”