What would you do to take Toronto from good to great?

From hard-to-find housing to lack of transit, folks on Queen Street West share what we can fix

Toronto the good? Maybe. But how about Toronto the great? We hit the (very hot) pavement of Queen Street West to ask people in the neighbourhood one key question: What would you do if you had the power to change the GTA for the better? Both tourists and resident Torontonians had positive things to say about our city, but from housing and transit headaches to concerns over the rise of gun violence, the consensus was that there’s room for improvement.

“If I was in charge of the city, I’d create more housing for the homeless.”


“I think the city is really good at supporting independent businesses.”

“If I could, I’d create one website or resource for finding housing. We’re looking for an apartment now, and we have to use three or four different websites to track down available units!”

“With the recent increase in violence in Toronto, I think it’s important to get to the root causes and address the related issues. If I were in charge, I’d develop programs to support young people so that they don’t have to resort to drugs and violence.”
– Bev (with her dog, Lilly)

“I really like the unique character of all the different neighbourhoods in the city—especially Chinatown. But, if I were in charge, I’d make sure the neighbourhoods were better connected with transit, focusing on more LRTs, more buses and the completion of the Downtown Relief Line.”
– Jade

“We’re all blessed to live in Canada, and fortunate to live in this city. But it’s getting expensive, and it’s harder for people who’ve lived in Toronto for all their lives to stay in the city. If I were in charge, I’d look into ways for people to be able to stay in the city they love.”
– Richard

“I come from the UK and everything there just seems like a bit of a mess in terms of politics and immigration. But here in Toronto, there’s this air of acceptance. And that feels reflected in Toronto as a city in that it feels very diverse and inclusive. As a tourist here, I feel like I’ve had such a nice welcome, which is a very different experience from the UK, and what I really like about this city.”
– Katie

We love our communities—and we know you do, too. That’s why we started hitting the streets of the GTA to get the inside scoop on what the locals enjoy most about where they live. We’ll be visiting lots of neighbourhoods in this region—if you see us out and about in the coming months, don’t hesitate to say “hi!”