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What would you do if you ruled the city?

Folks in St. Lawrence Market share what’s working—and what they’d change if they were in charge

With the provincial election just wrapped up and municipal elections around the corner, there’s been a lot of talk lately about what’s working for our communities—but mostly about what isn’t.

With this in mind, we visited Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood and asked the people we met there what they think is working well, as well as what they’d do differently if they had the power.

woman wearing glasses maroon shirt backpack in park

“If I were in charge, I’d put in more parks like Berczy Park, with more flowers and colour to make people smile when they’re walking by. I’d also like to see more parks and trails along the lake. When I lived in Vancouver, I could rollerblade for three hours straight along the paths on the seawall and never have to cross an intersection—Toronto could learn from that.” – Karen

Man wearing white shirt sitting in park

“When I think about what’s working in Toronto, I like all the high-rise and park development downtown. It feels like it’s bringing a lot more people into the core, and that makes the city feel more alive and lived in. A building’s a building, and a park’s a park. It’s the people that make the city, and I think Torontonians are awesome.” – Henrique

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“I think the TTC’s subway system is working really well for Toronto. I come from San Francisco, and the subway there is crowded, smelly and always delayed. Compared to San Francisco, the subway here is amazing!” – Wendy

“I would say the roads are not really working for the city right now. They’re way too narrow to be shared by buses, drivers and cyclists, and it’s not convenient for pedestrians, drivers or cyclists.” – Yulia

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“If I was in charge of the city, I’d make environmental issues my highest priority and would create more parks to do something about the smog.” – Kristi

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“I like the people in Toronto as they are all nice, polite and open to helping tourists. If I could change anything, it would be the times for subways on Sundays because now they start so late.” – Daiane

woman wearing purple shirt and jeans seated in wheelchair

“If I were in charge of the city, I’d improve accessibility. A lot of places aren’t fully accessible for everybody with disabilities. For example, someone in a wheelchair can often access a restaurant, but they might not be able to access the washroom in that restaurant. I’d revamp that and see what needs to be further developed.” – Michele

man wearing sunglasses and blue striped shirt seated in wheelchair

“It’s not winter now, but when the roads are plowed after a snowfall, there’s always a mound of snow at the curb. I’m forced to ride on the roads, which is unsafe, but I can’t access the sidewalks. If I were in charge of the city, I’d prioritize accessibility in all seasons.” – Robert

woman with arms spreading standing before fountain smiling

“I love Toronto. The people are so great and helpful. I wouldn’t change anything as I feel like things are much better here than where I live in Brazil.” – Cyntia

We love our communities—and we know you do, too. That’s why we started hitting the streets of the GTA to get the inside scoop on what the locals enjoy most about where they live. We’ll be visiting lots of neighbourhoods in this region—if you see us out and about in the coming months, don’t hesitate to say “hi!”