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Newmarket: “Everyone seems happy around me”

We asked Newmarket residents why they love where they live. The butter tarts are just the beginning

You’d be easily forgiven for having preconceived notions about Newmarket as I did at first, glimpsing only snatches of it while motoring by at 100 km/hr on Davis Drive. However, if you slow down a little—and change your route ever-so-slightly—you’ll discover a friendly and diverse community. The area’s vibrant heart is, as the locals will tell you, Main Street, which is within striking distance of tranquil Fairy Lake and the gorgeous Tom Taylor Trail. When I asked some of the people who live and work in Newmarket what makes it so special, they kept returning to that vibrant heart and the sense of community that has developed around the central street of their charming town.

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I’ve been here for 30 years and I like the fact that the community’s becoming cool again—and our council gets it. They’re redoing a lot of the parks and adding a lot more culture. You can see it here on Main Street where there are several new restaurants, the theatres are opening again and live music is coming back.” – Greg

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My favourite thing about the Newmarket area is the access to green space. It’s so easy to take my dog on trails through woods and forests—the Tom Taylor Trail is a real hidden gem that people need to know about. It’s just a really healthy environment to live in. And the other thing you definitely need to try when you come to Newmarket are the butter tarts from Maid’s Cottage on Main Street—they’ve won a lot of awards, and they deserve every one of them!” – Val

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My favourite thing about this neighbourhood is the general feeling of being comfortable here, and of everything being local. Everyone seems happy around me, and I like that feeling. One restaurant I’d recommend in this area is a favourite of ours called Scorpion—not a lot of people know about it. The food is Mediterranean, and it’s awesome.” – Joan

I just love everything about Newmarket. They’ve done an amazing job on Fairy Lake and the park around it—they’ve spent a lot improving the community and you can really see it. John

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Sierra: “I like how everyone’s friendly.
Evan: “She took mine! I also like that there’s a lot to do, so you’re never bored.” For instance, check out the Newmarket Jazz Festival, which shuts down Main Street to showcase all kinds of bands and family-friendly activities.

Portrait of woman with long black hair and dark blue patterned shirt

This neighbourhood is beautiful. There’s a lot of nature around, and we can see a lot of wild animals right outside our fence. (I’m an animal lover, so that’s the best thing I can get from the neighbourhood.) But the people are also very friendly—you get a different vibe from people in Newmarket: they’re very positive, and they make sure you know that they’re available when you need a hand. Regardless of whether it’s a neighbour or a stranger you meet while out shopping, you get that sense from the community, and it’s one of the first things that attracted me. One of the best places to meet up with the friends you make here is Covernotes Café on Main Street. It’s down to earth, with a lot of recycled furniture, and they sell used books and display local art.– Goulu

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It’s a community. That’s what I like about it. When we first moved here years ago, we moved close to Main Street because we liked the idea of that kind of community in a town. And we still call it ‘the town of Newmarket,’ by the way. It’s grown big enough to be a city, but the town mentality is still pervasive. I run into people I know on Main Street. We play music on Main Street. We eat on Main Street. Even though Main Street has changed a lot over the years, it’s still a community. – David

We love our communities—and we know you do, too. That’s why we started hitting the streets of the GTA to get the inside scoop on what the locals enjoy most about where they live. We’ll be visiting lots of neighbourhoods in this region—if you see us out and about in the coming months, don’t hesitate to say “hi!”