young girl holding candle and umbrella with flowers and banners reading love for all hatred for none at memorial in Toronto

Photograph by Steve Russell via Getty Images

Dear Local Love readers

A letter sharing ways we can stand together for our community

We are all still coming to grips with Monday’s unthinkable van attack in Toronto. But somehow, even amid the grief, there is something extraordinary unfolding: a beautiful reminder of who we are as a community. Social media posts celebrating the heroic efforts of first-responders are drowning out divisive voices. Community agencies are ramping up services to ensure that people can find the help they need. All anchored by a multilingual memorial at the site of the attack, featuring the words “Love for all. Hatred for none.”

A community that stands together is a community that stands strong. And we know that many of you want to do something to help. Here are four actions you can take right now:

Donate to the #TorontoStrong Fund

Make a gift to the #TorontoStrong Fund in support of victims and their families, as well as first-responders and others affected by the trauma.

Give blood through Toronto Blood Services

Get to a clinic near you and make a donation. As they say, it’s in you to give.

Connect with 211

If you, a family member or a friend need help during this difficult time, the United Way–supported 211 Helpline offers free agency-referral services. This online and telephone service will connect you with an agency in your neighbourhood for any support you might need.

Attend Sunday’s Vigil

The vigil, hosted by the City of Toronto, is scheduled for 7:00 pm, Sunday, April 29 at Mel Lastman Square. It will give us all the opportunity to pay our respects to the people who lost their lives and acknowledge the work of our city’s first-responders.

With love,

Adrienne Clarke, Editor-in-Chief