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5 inspiring videos that will make you smile

Press play for a feel-good boost from folks who are making the GTA a better, more inclusive place.

Need some good news in what seems like an upside-down world? These five videos filled with hope, positive energy and personalities will give you the smile you desperately need.

Start by cueing up our bite-size video featuring Chef Aleem Syed, whose The Holy Grill food truck is breaking barriers. Syed customized this travelling restaurant to accommodate his wheelchair so he can take his passion for cooking and feeding people across the GTA.

Then let the sounds of Forte, a gay men’s choir in Toronto, lift your spirits while it lifts up others. See how they’re raising their voices to make change in Toronto communities. And speaking of speaking up, you have to meet Talli Osborne, whose honest talk and sparkling sense of humour go straight to the heart of ability-based discrimination.

When it comes to finding hope, pets and kids always deliver. So watch how Harris the dog helps his friend Atlas handle the daily pressures of living with autism. (Trust us, you’ll need a couple of hankies for this one.) Then, if you want a little cute overload, watch as little ones explain what love is. Don’t we all need a little more of that magic in our lives?

Yellow Labrador service dog Harris walking between his client and client's mother

How a service dog transformed daily life for a boy with autism

We dare your eyes to stay dry after learning about Atlas and his lab Harris
Photo of Tali Osborne sitting in ther pink=and-black mobility scooter. She has bright pink hair and is wearing a black dress.

Talli Osborne: Busting myths about ability

The speaker shares why she dislikes the word "disabled" and how she learned to love inspiring others
Photo of the men's choir in front of an organ in a church. There are about two-dozen men i the choir with a female soloist in front.

How Forte connects Toronto through the power of song

The city’s Gay Men’s Chorus provides inspiration—and an inclusive space—to members and audiences alike
Paper cutout campsite with the title Kids Explain Love

Kids explain: What is love?

We asked kids what love means. Their answers go deeper than you'd think
Chef Aleem Syed from food truck the Holy Grill displaying food

Chef Aleem Syed’s accessible food truck is breaking barriers

Syed dishes on eating local, giving back and the inspiration behind his global comfort food

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