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36 socially conscious books for your 2019 reading list

Get the whole family reading more this year with these smart, issue-focused page-turners

A good book can change your life. It can introduce you to new ideas, world views and experiences. It can foster empathy and challenge your assumptions. It can also entertain you for hours and keep cabin fever at bay while the cold winds howl outside. This year, we’re committing to reading more books about social justice and the issues affecting our communities, and we want to help you do the same.

Over the last year, we’ve highlighted dozens of mind-expanding books for readers of all ages—there’s really something for everyone. Looking for socially conscious reads for kids aged zero to 18? We’ve got you covered. Want to add more Canadian authors to your reading list? Here are five novels to get you started. Trying to get educated about the social issues affecting our communities? Check out our roundup of books with purpose. Want to get to know some of the most beloved LGBTQ+ protagonists in Canadian literature? Here are six we know you’ll adore. Wondering which books have transformed the lives of Canadian celebs? We’ve got recos from six, including Lainey Lui and Maxine Bailey.

These 36 books will engross, challenge and entertain you during your commute, at the end of a long day or during a quiet afternoon. Most importantly, they’ll inspire you to think more about your community—and find new ways to give back.

Happy reading!

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