Five panel illustration of children doing good things such as opening the door for someone and volunteering.

Illustration by Ashley Santoro

5 ways kids can change the world

Here’s how to help children put their natural optimism and sense of justice to work for good

Changing the world isn’t for the faint of heart. Many adults certainly give it their all, but there’s one group of positive, forward-thinking people out there that’s often even more committed to the cause: kids. Young children typically have a keen sense of what’s fair, making them crusaders when it comes to tackling social justice issues. And there’s one thing we’ve learned: With a little help, kids can accomplish a whole lot. Here are ways you can help the young people in your life become socially conscious citizens who will help make the world a better, kinder place.

First up: Give them a little food for thought. Revamp reading time with a selection of 10 socially conscious books that will teach kids of all ages about equality.

Then focus on what’s already inspiring them. Do the kids you know have a cause that’s near and dear to their hearts? Help them turn that love into action with these four ways that will teach little ones how to fundraise.

Does raising socially responsible humans sounds like a daunting task? It doesn’t have to be! We’ve pulled together top tips from GTA parents on how to teach kids about giving back.

It’s never too early (or too late) to teach your kids about diversity. But there are countless ways to tackle this issue, so we’ve rounded up some expert advice on how to start the conversation.

There’s no denying that we need more empathy in the world. We share three expert-approved tips on how to instill this value in your kids so that empathy is hard-wired into their personalities as they grow.

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