Illustration of the heads of two women with long black hair floating on a backdrop of the night sky. A waterway flows from one of their mouths to the other.

Land acknowledgements: uncovering an oral history of Tkaronto

The GTA has been home to Indigenous peoples for millennia. Here, Sara Roque and Selena Mills share their reflections on this land

Dog lying on wooden floor of Rekai Centre

Sit, stay, heal: Paws-on therapy for long-term care residents

At Toronto’s Rekai Centre, long-term care residents receive comfort and companionship from dogs, cats and birds

simplified campsite in a paper cutout style with text overlay Kids Explain: Kindness

Teaching kids to be kind

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Here’s how to instill a little more kindness in your kids

Photo of Tali Osborne sitting in ther pink=and-black mobility scooter. She has bright pink hair and is wearing a black dress.

Talli Osborne: Busting myths about ability

The speaker shares why she dislikes the word “disabled” and how she learned to love inspiring others

Video of Pay Chen unboxing clothing from Chyll Pill and Starbright Clothing

Make a difference and unbox for a worthy cause

Ah, that flutter of anticipation when a package comes in the mail—and it’s even better when the contents support a cause that’s close to your heart. Here’s a peek at stylish finds from two local companies that give back.

Photo of the men's choir in front of an organ in a church. There are about two-dozen men i the choir with a female soloist in front.

How Forte connects Toronto through the power of song

The city’s Gay Men’s Chorus provides inspiration—and an inclusive space—to members and audiences alike

National Film Board Producer Lea Marin seated

Producer Lea Marin is one of the cool Canadian women breaking down barriers

The NFB producer on why it’s important to tell stories that are often overlooked

Paper cutout campsite with the title Kids Explain Canada

Kids explain what it means to be Canadian

We asked kids what it means to be Canadian. You’ll love what they had to say