Art of multicoloured quilt covered in faces being unraveled

A Holocaust survivor on the importance of remembering 

Howard Chandler reflects on the consequences of hate for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Oshawa mayor Dan Carter leaning on a dresser in his office

Dan Carter: From the streets to the mayor’s office

Oshawa’s new mayor once struggled with addiction and homelessness; now, he’s changing the way his city handles those issues

Tow women seated on light blue couch hold an infant between them

Gillian Cullen: Making doula services accessible

Her NPO, Birth Mark, is helping families get the pre- and postpartum care they deserve

Photo of Tali Osborne sitting in ther pink=and-black mobility scooter. She has bright pink hair and is wearing a black dress.

Talli Osborne: Busting myths about ability

The speaker shares why she dislikes the word “disabled” and how she learned to love inspiring others

Black and white illustrations of five community changemakers on a multi-coloured background

What’s going right in Toronto

Five changemakers share what’s working in an otherwise effed-up world