seven women crossing the street while looking at the camera

Part of our intrepid Local Love Editorial Team stepping out in the community   Photography By Nicholas Jones

About Us

We’re a group of savvy, funny (well, we think so anyway), community-minded folks with families, jobs and really busy lives. We’ve also got real for the places we call home—everywhere from Brampton to Bloor Village, Kensington to King City—and we want our communities to be safe, vibrant and thriving.

Some of us work for United Way Greater Toronto, which is all about tackling local poverty in all its forms so everyone gets a fair chance at a good life. We’re lucky because when we come to work every day, we know we’re helping to make a difference.

We wanted to help other people feel that way too. What if we took all that love we have for the community here at United Way, asked some of our amazing friends and partners to join us, and created the GTA’s top source for living well and giving back?

Enter, a place where folks can find easy ways to live well and do good in their communities. We’ll bring you up to speed on inspiring local changemakers, give you the scoop on super simple ways to give back, and bring you challenging ideas and debates from some of the brightest minds in our region. Here you’ll find top-notch content every day that will make you feel connected, in tune and inspired.


President & CEO › Daniele Zanotti

Senior Vice President, Donor Relations & Marketing › Goodwin Gibson

Senior Vice-President, Community Impact & Strategy › Pedro Barata

Vice-President, Strategy, Research and Policy › Michelynn Laflèche